The Bouquet

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

She didn’t know where the flowers had come from—but there they were, tied up with a neat little ribbon, sitting on the seat of the park bench. Daisies, snapdragons, and half-withered stalks of Queen Anne’s lace delicate with crisp little seeds—all bunched together with a pale green bow; waiting, it seemed, for her to find them.

Gingerly, she laid a finger on the gathered stems. There was a chill in the air, and they were cold to the touch. She pulled her yellow jacket a little closer against the wind, shaking her head as she sat down beside them.

Somehow, it was exactly as she had expected.

She smiled and closed her eyes, feeling the air around her as it swirled, driving patches of stippled clouds towards the lake.

She hadn’t necessarily expected the flowers, but it was the thought. It was the little green bow; that’s what she recognized, and that’s what she loved.

She sat there for some time, smiling to herself and the whole world in front of her.

The breeze continued strong, rushing through the trees and grasses, glowing in shifting tones of green and purple and gold.

She picked up the flowers, and pulled up her hood. She was reluctant to leave, but knew that soon she needed to go; she twirled the stems in her fingers, watching the leaves and petals spinning and flapping in tight, uneven circles.

She placed the flowers back on the bench, but hesitated with the breeze. It was all so perfect.

Without thinking, she reached out a hand to catch a stray slip of paper—she hadn’t even noticed it fall. It was a note from the flowers, fluttering and falling, trying to fly away with the wind.

She unfolded it carefully, and smiled at what it said. She placed it in her jacket pocket, and resolved to sit for just a little while longer.

Sometimes, she thought, the world was really beautiful. And sometimes, she just really wanted to enjoy it—to sit in it.

And today, she thought, was a good day.

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